Roundtable: Global Biodiversity Data collection (hosted online on Monday August 16th, 18:00 by Anton Potapov)

“Go for global soil biodiversity data collection”

Global synthesis in the field of soil biodiversity is requested by scientific community and authorities and will allow to understand better the soil life and increase its recognition as the basis of human life. It is time to go, since we need to appreciate the work done over last decades by several generations of soil zoologists, collect this data, link it together, make it re-usable and save it in the long term before we will enter the era of sequences. This is a big task, which is achievable by bringing people together. The round table aims to (1) Agree on a common goal, (2) Establish the roadmap, (3) Discuss the data management strategies, (4) Establish new initiatives. 


Roundtable: #GlobalCollembola (hosted online on Wednesday August 18th, 18:00 by Anton Potapov)


Meeting in the framework of the #GlobalCollembola initiative. Discussion of synthesis publications, expert board activities, data management system and main directions to move forward.